My research aims to understand how the environment can shape animal movement. I am interested in where animals forage, given the complex and diverse range of opportunities within their surrounding environment.

I am currently a Post-doctoral research associate at the University of Exeter, in Cornwall.

Chagos Archipelago Seabird Project

2019 – Present. University of Exeter & Zoological Society London

This project aims to understand the importance of the Marine Protected Area around the Chagos Archipelago for seabirds in the Western Indian Ocean, and is part of the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science. Find out more on the project website.

Kittiwake foraging ecology

2015 – 2019. PhD, University of Liverpool

I explored the influence of environmental heterogeneity, as a proxy for resource patchiness, on kittiwake behaviour and reproductive success.

Seabirds and marine litter

2010 – 2014. MSci, University of Southampton

Monitoring plastic ingestion by northern fulmars in the Norwegian high Arctic as bioindicators of marine litter

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